Keeping a log can be an important tool as a matter of fact, it can be critical to maintain a log of stalking-related incidents and behavior. This will help in any criminal or civil legal case you may be involved in. Recording this information will help to document the behavior of your abuser / stalker in cases of protection order applications, divorce and child custody cases, or criminal prosecution. It can also help preserve your memory of individual incidents about which you might later report or testify.

The stalking log should be used to record and document all stalking-related behavior, including harassing phone calls, text messages, letters, e-mail messages, acts of vandalism, and threats communicated through third parties. When reporting the incidents to law enforcement, always write down the officer’s name and badge number for your own records. Even if the officers do not make an arrest, you can ask them to make a written report and request a copy for your records.

Important note: Since this information could potentially be introduced as evidence or inadvertently shared with the stalker at a future time, do not include any information that you do not want the offender to see. Attach a photograph of the stalker, photocopies of restraining orders, police reports, and other relevant documents. Keep the log in a safe place and tell only someone you trust where you keep your log. Documenting stalking behavior can be a difficult and emotionally exhausting task. The Advocates at the Crisis Center are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help you in any way they can.

Things to include in the stalking log include: the date and time of the incident, any witnesses to the event (including their contact information, the responding police / sheriff’s name, badge number and the report number. You also need to have a short description of the incident itself. Below is a sample of a stalking log that you may find helpful. You can modify the log to include more information if you wish.

Remember that if you have a Protective Order in place it is important to carry with you at all times so that if there is an incident you can show the responding police officer / Sheriff’s Deputy.